Newly launched professional security accessories brand – designed to equip next generation smart buildings for the future

December 19, 2022
Newly launched professional security accessories brand – designed to equip next generation smart buildings for the future

Singapore, 19 December 2022 – Local brand KHL officially launches, offering service providers in the Security Infrastructure industry a new professional line of Security Accessories, Industrial Networking products and Cable Solutions.

KHL’s competitive edge hinges on the expertise of its founding team, made up of engineering specialists and professional consultants at local Security and Communications Solutions Provider Forward Technologies Pte Ltd (Fortech). With high level exposure to advanced security hardware and technology available in the market, meshed with deep understanding of facilities managers’ operational needs and practical maintenance concerns, the team brings to market only products that have gone through rigorous review by the same team behind Fortech.

“Our product development approach is underpinned by the team’s extensive operational experience gathered over the past 7+ years servicing clients across retail, commercial, hospitality, medical, high-security built environments and many more,”

Diesel Lee

Director and Founder of KHL.

“While clients are increasingly looking for more advanced products and technologies to support intelligent security services, they’re also cautious about excessive features and specifications that may result in exaggerated costs and pose challenges for on-ground personnel to adapt to. We’re very excited to finally bring the brand to market after significant time and effort had been spent on R&D. We’re confident that KHL has taken into consideration the aspirations, needs and challenges of the local market when developing our products, and will be able to serve as a sweet spot for professional users.”

Incorporated in 2020 – KHL has stayed true to its dedication to product quality and dedicated its first 2 years to a stringent process of product sourcing and development.

Its range of products is grouped into three main product lines:

Quality Line: Engineered for professionals. “Quality” is the basis of all products and technology we source, develop and use at KHL. Our range of security products are designed for commercial and industrial facilities’ use, such as office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc.

KHL’s Cable Solutions offers essential accessories including:

  • OM3 Adaptors
  • Fibre Pigtails
  • Fibre Patch Cords

Style+ Line: Engineered for professionals, amped with style. Our signature Style+ line is a specially curated selection of products, designed with added attention to their aesthetic finishing – from colour and texture to finishing and structure – without compromising on quality. The Style+ range is conceptualized to suit design-focused environments such as hotels, office interiors, recreational facilities, etc.

KHL’s Electromagnetic Lock series under the Style+ line offers a solid holding force of 600lbs, while featuring uncommon finishes including:

  • Grit Silver
  • Carbon Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Classic Gold

Eco Line: Engineered for professionals, certified eco-ethical. Our Eco line range offers high MTBF (mean time before failure) and low power consumption options – to suit environmentally conscious users and green buildings or facilities.

KHL’s Indoor Siren under the Eco line features low power consumption at 90mA ±5%, and is projected to offer a product lifespan of 10 years.

To date, the team has already secured pre-orders from close to 20 clients for its first year of launch, including Bridge Data Centres Malaysia, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital Singapore and Raffles City Singapore. It aims to gain island-wide recognition by industry professionals and commence its expansion plans to South-East Asia within 3 years.

The KHL brand is conceptualised based on these values that guide our approach.

  • We pride ourselves on our kin-like relationship with innovators, engineers, users, and every touch point through the supply chain.
  • We’re human every way – from our design approach to pricing strategy.
  • Our vision is to provide leading products that last and last.

All KHL products are available for purchase via KHL’s proprietary e-store on