All warranties offered cover manufacturing defects only, and must be registered within 28 working days from date of purchase.

All warranty do not cover defects or damages resulting from:

  • Attempted unauthorized repairs, tampering, alternations, modifications, additions and/or deletions.
  • Accident, mishandling/negligence, abuse/mistreatment, loss and/or other calamities whether caused by nature or negligent act/omission.
  • Usage not in accordance with user guides provided.
  • Wear and tear.

To report product defects or issues within warranty period, simply follow these steps :

1. Log your request via our contact form within the effective warranty period. Please select “Warranty and Returns.”

2. To facilitate assessment, our support team will get in touch with you to request for supporting documents, including but not limited to: original proof of purchase and delivery, photo(s) and/or more details of product defects or issues, etc.

3. For eligible cases, our support team shall arrange for collection of product(s) and repairs or 1-to-1 replacements accordingly. For non-eligible cases, an estimated fee for collection of product(s) and repairs will be provided for your consideration.